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Developing School Based Threat Assessment Teams (TAT)

A threat assessment team consists of ongoing multi-disciplinary threat assessment and threat management. Involving members from an array of disciplines that enhances the team’s ability to:
  • Identify developing concerns/threats.
  • Gather information from multiple sources and organizational silos.
  • Maximize skills and resources to address concerns.
  • Monitor outcomes.
Enhance the district’s/school’s overall ability to:
  • Communicate (to, from, and within the team).
  • Collaborate (working together for the best awareness and outcomes).
  • Coordinate (engaging in purposeful planning and coordination of actions and interventions within the team and with outside partners).
Participants will review roles and responsibilities of members within the threat assessment team. APPROVED Flyer - Developing School Based Threat Assessment Teams (TAT)
Date / Time / Location
8:30 am - 12:30 pm Check-in starts at 8:15 a.m.
Online (Webinar, Online Class, Etc.)
$135.00 per individual
Contact Info
Who Will Benefit
District and Site Leadership, Teachers, School Social Workers, School Psychologists, School Counselors, Deans, HR, and Safe Schools Coordinators
Jose Espinoza
Jose Espinoza