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Mathematics should inspire and empower students. In mathematics, the process of learning is often more important than the actual results and knowledge: it teaches students problem-solving, logical reasoning, critical thinking, abstraction, and generalization. These skills are transferable to many other parts of life, even if the specific mathematical topics have no real-life applications. To make this most effective, students should be able to freely explore and be creative. Through the use of digital tools, students discover new patterns, ideas, reason mathematically, and communicate their thinking. The participants will be able to incorporate technology in a mathematics classroom enabling educators to craft powerful collaborative learning experiences that support problem-solving, reasoning, and flexible thinking based on the Rigor Stool from the CDE 2013 Mathematical Framework.
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KCSOS City Centre
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Marylou Long
Marylou Long
(661) 636-4334

Joaquin Castillo
Joaquin Castillo
(661) 636-4431