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Aggression Replacement Training (A.R.T) Facilitator Booster Training

In controlled research studies, programs like Aggression Replacement Training have been shown to be effective in increasing students’ pro-social skills and decreasing behavioral problems, but only if the program is conducted with FIDELITY - that is, as it was designed. During this meeting, we will be talking about fidelity to the A.R.T. program - what fidelity looks like, how we measure it, and how we know we are maintaining it, so that we get the best possible outcomes for our program. Click on the link below to view this training's flyer: APPROVED Flyer - Aggression Replacement Training (A.R.T.) Booster 1-26-2024
Date / Time / Location
8:00 am - 12:00 pm Check-in starts at 7:30 a.m.
Will be sent upon registering.
The Booster session costs were included in the training fees.
Contact Info
Who Will Benefit
All A.R.T. trained facilitators who were trained by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office since 2020 and have facilitated a minimum of one ART group with students.
Jeffrey Coggan
Jeffrey Coggan
(661) 852-5660