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Authentic Language Integration Across Diciplines

To truly reach, and exceed, rigorous standards, students need to learn how to use language to clearly communicate to build up whole ideas that are valued in the discipline. This session will equip educators to improve reading, writing, and oral language production across disciplines. Participants will gain:

  • Culturally sustaining teaching and learning practices that emphasize interacting to use language authentically and build up core ideas in different disciplines
  • Ways to foster engagement and enhance existing activities for more communication, language use, and peer connections
  • Ideas for valuing what students bring to the communication and idea-building tables
  • Next steps for implementing the theory and practices across content areas and grade levels
Date / Time / Location
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
City Center Room 1B
Contact Info
Who Will Benefit
K-6 teachers, administrator's, coaches, TOSAs, and Specialists
continental breakfast, lunch, "The Communication Effect"
Tara Clarke
Tara Clarke