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Counting Collections

Counting Collections is a hands-on routine in which students are at the center of the math learning as they build counting principles and additive thinking that is aligned to their grade-level standards. Students have opportunities to engage, play, and build a joy for math through collaboration, use of concrete objects, multiple representations, thinking, sense-making and reasoning. Counting Collections is particularly useful for developing the core practices of setting and maintaining clear expectations for participation, eliciting and responding to students’ ideas, and teaching toward an instructional goal.
Date / Time / Location
10/12/2023, 11/28/2023
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
$250 (2 days) + $40 (book) = $290
Contact Info
Who Will Benefit
District Administrators, Site Administrators, Other Instructional Leaders, Teachers (general education and special education)
Book and materials
April Pickett
April Pickett
(661) 636-4233