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Impact of Legislation on CWA and Student Services

Each year, new legislation impacts the daily operations and systems in our public schools, resulting in the amendment of existing, and development of new, policies and procedures. Subsequently, such changes must be reflected in documents that local educational agencies (LEA) and schools are obligated to produce and/or post – whether physically on the school campus or on the LEA/school website. As the majority of these laws go into effect in the middle of the school year, county, district, charter, and school site leaders are faced with many challenges in keeping track and complying with these laws. This workshop will highlight new laws affecting the areas supported by student services/child welfare and attendance (CWA) staff. Additionally, in preparation for the upcoming school year, the workshop will identify necessary revisions to the annual notification to parents/guardians and students and the parent/student handbook based on newly enacted legislation, as well as remind LEAs of the notifications that must be posted in facilities and/or online. Suggested strategies and resources to assist with implementation and compliance will be provided. Participants will receive access to the most current electronic edition of the S4 Legislative Update Guide.
Date / Time / Location
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
$195.00 per individual
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Who Will Benefit
District and/or School Site Administrators, Deans, School Psychologist, School Social Workers, School Counselors, Attendance Supervisors, and Child Welfare & Attendance Staff.
Jose Espinoza
Jose Espinoza