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Instructional Strategies for Comprehensive ELD

How can teachers and support staff effectively meet the language needs of our Multilingual Learners across all content areas? This professional learning opportunity will highlight the essential features from the English Learner Toolkit of Strategies and will provide high leverage, research-based strategies that can be implemented into your integrated and designated lessons on the very next day of instruction!  This teacher-friendly toolkit will lay out the fundamentals which include a learning target, the relevance of the strategy, when to use it, planning recommendations, a step-by-step procedure, and ways each strategy will support standards-based instruction and assessment.  
Date / Time / Location
09/19/2023, 11/15/2023
8:30 am - 11:30 am
9/19/2023 - City Center Room 1B - 1300 17th Street 11/15/2023 - City Center Room 1A - 1300 17th Street
Contact Info
Who Will Benefit
Classroom Teachers, Paraeducators, Instructional Coaches
English Learner Toolkit of Strategies
Laurie Bowden
Laurie Bowden

Cecilia Ruiz
Cecilia Ruiz