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Secondary Literacy Instructional Network

Many secondary teachers are looking for ways to increase student achievement in reading and writing. Students at the secondary level encounter complex academic texts and are asked to write complex academic writing and can sometimes struggle with these tasks if they are missing important literacy skills. The Secondary Literacy Network will focus on effective, tier-1 instruction that meets the needs of secondary students, focusing on strategies and instructional practices that engage students in content and build literacy skills. Teachers will walk away with practical strategies and knowledge to increase the effectiveness of their instruction.
Date / Time / Location
09/28/2023, 11/2/2023, 01/23/2024, 03/12/2024
8:30 am - 11:30 am
9/28/2023, 11/2/2023, 3/12/2024 - City Center Room 1C - 1300 17th Street 1/23/2024 - City Center Room 1D - 1300 17th Street
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Who Will Benefit
District Administrators, Site Administrators, Other Instructional Leaders, Teachers (general education and special education)
The Reading Comprehension Blueprint by Nancy Lewis Hennessy
Cate Munoz
Cate Munoz